Membership Levels:

Regular - Sworn, active, salaried or retired public safety personnel (police, fire, EMS, telecommunicator of Gaelic ancestry, or possessing "the Irish spirit").

Auxiliary - Civilians of Gaelic ancestry, or those possessing "the Irish spirit" (non-voting member)

Business: - Members of the business community of Gaelic ancestry or those possessing "the Irish spirit" (non-voting member)

There is a $10 application fee due upon joining and $25 dues each March 17th. Retired members pay $10 application fee and $20 per year.

Checks are made payable to the Greater Raleigh Emerald Society or we also accept all major credit cards at meeting dates or by telephone


I do hereby make application for membership in to the Emerald Society of the Greater Raleigh Area. I proclaim to be of good moral character and sound judgement, and will help promote the Gaelic heritage. I will abide by the bylaw of the Greater Raleigh Emerald Society, support and defend both the Constitutions of the United States and the State of North Carolina.